Hey, you!

Thanks for stopping by, really.

They say that landing pages are crucial. It’ll either make a great first impression or scare everyone away. If you are reading this, I’d say I’m doing very good. Let’s get to it, shall we?

In the About section you’ll find a rough idea of who you are dealing with. And if you are looking for my posts, head straight to the Blog. In the meantime, here’s a few things I’m currently working on. There’s more in the Timeline section.

Package · — Now meteor/meteor (GitHub, link) Core contributor and community leader focused on the MongoDB integration, better TypeScript support, and Fibers removal.

Employment · — Now Student Researcher at University of Wrocław (link) National Science Centre, Poland. Project number: NCN OPUS 2021/41/B/ST6/03691.

Education · — Now Computer Science, PhD studies at University of Wrocław (link) General Game Description Language Based on Finite Automata.

Package · — Now vazco/sparrowql (GitHub) Declarative MongoDB aggregations.

Package · — Now vazco/uniforms (GitHub) Bunch of React components and helpers to easily generate and validate forms.

Employment · — Now Head of Engineering at Vazco My day-to-day work focuses on planning and leading the development of web applications. It includes participating in the product definition, designing the architecture, estimating its costs, structuring database(s), meeting with clients, maintaining project health through setting up CI/CD, performance monitoring or tests, peer-reviewing, and finally, programming. Additionally, I audit and consult external systems (mainly for performance and stability), supervise a couple of software developers or soon-to-be tech leads, and lead an open source group.