About me

The least informative blog post you’ve ever seen.

Everyone loves bragging a good bio, right? Well, I actually don’t, but I know that some of you may find it essential. So, here’s a rough idea of who you are dealing with reading now.

Professionally, I’m a full-stack developer, software architect, and tech lead. My day-to-day work focuses on planning and leading the development of web applications. It includes participating in the product definition, designing the architecture, estimating its costs, structuring database(s), meeting with clients, maintaining project health through setting up CI/CD, performance monitoring or tests, peer-reviewing, and finally, programming. Additionally, I audit external systems and supervise a couple of junior and mid software developers.

Technology-wise, I have substantial experience with JavaScript and its vast ecosystem, both on the back- and front-end. My database systems of choice are MongoDB and PostgreSQL. However, through the years, I’ve been working with many different technologies, ranging from low-level in C, Lua, and Rust, through JavaScript and basically everything related to web applications, languages with rich type systems like Haskell, and various DSLs. One could say I’ve been through a lot.

As each language, technology, and tool has its ups and downs, the wise thing would be to know about them and use these accordingly, right? That’s precisely what I’m trying to do – experiment with well-established approaches, libraries, and patterns in different environments or variants. All of that just to shed some light on ideas, not code.

Beyond the office, I develop and maintain company open source projects, give talks on tech-related events, and organize bootcamps and workshops focused on web technologies. I’m also a PhD student, working on AI for games as well as general game description languages.

If you want to read more about me and the things I’ve worked on, check out my recent GitHub activity, papers on Google Scholar, personal Timeline, and dive into the Blog. You can find my email on GitHub, in case you’d like to contact me.

– Radosław Miernik